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I offer a wide range of photographic and architectural services at affordable rates.

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Visual Impact Assessment (VIA) Photography for Wind Turbines and Solar Arrays

I can produce the wide angle stitched panoramic views and single frame planar images currently required for wind turbine / wind farm / wind energy VIA's following guidelines (see below) and best practice developed from years of photographic experience.

There are numerous guidelines for the production of wind farm / turbine / energy photo-montages, being fully aware of the following guidelines lets me create images that surpass the requirements for Visual Impact Assessments (VIA) photography.

including future guidelines that are currently being discussed.

Here are some examples of the image formats available. The following panoramas were created with a 50mm lens mounted in portrait orientation so that the raw images were each 27º x 40º. The images were taken in that orientation as several of the images from that set had large objects close to the camera and using the more normal landscape orientation would have unduly cropped them. The camera was rotated 15º between images to create the full 360º panorama. Selecting one of the images below will access examples of the standard views required by wind energy Visual Impact Assessments (VIA) including the planar requirements.

Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway crossing Botolph`s Bridge Road, Kent - (360º x 40º view)

Military Canal near Hamstreet, Kent - (360º x 40º view)

Overlooking St. Mary's Bay, Kent - (360º x 40º view)

Overlooking the Lincolnshire Lakes, Scunthorpe - (180º x 40º view)

Looking North along the M181, Lincolnshire - (180º x 40º view)

Looking East from the River Trent - (180º x 40º view)

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