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St. Mary's Church - Horsham Exterior


Produce a 360 panorama from a High Dynamic Range image so as to maintain the highlight and shadow detail that would normally be lost.

Property Description

The Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin is the oldest existing building in Horsham. It has been associated with the life and worship of the community and in continuous use for nearly eight centuries. Its picturesque location at the end of the Causeway, the focal point of today's conservation area, links it with the town it serves, and the peal of 10 bells rung regularly from the tower can be heard throughout the surrounding area.

Final Images

A full spherical panorama and a wide angle image of St. Mary's Church.

St. Mary's Church Spherical Panorama.

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The wide angle panorama below was created from the same core images that went into making up the spherical panorama. The spherical panorama was created by stitching together 96 photographs to create the images you see here.

St. Mary`s Church - Horsham

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