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Odalisk - Croydon

Contract Requirement

Produce forty verified views following standards outlined in the Verified Views Methodology document and supply two panoramic glazing reflection maps.

Press Release

The Guildhouse-Rosepride £350 million mixed-use proposal for Croydon comprising two unique linked towers of 35 and 55 storeys, 4-star-hotel, 90 services apartments, 397 residential apartments, 24,000sq m Grade A office space, café, restaurant and bar. Subject to planning permission.

Delivered Images

The Odalisk shoot was split into two parts, 33 locations in and around Croydon and 7 locations on the hills surrounding Croydon. Below is just a small sample of the images produced. The following photomontages were created from the forty supplied verified view images and the 3D model of the building.

Coordinates for Croydon Verified Views project.

The coordinates and links included here are not those supplied by the surveyor but are supplied before the surveyors information is available to aid in the understanding of the location of the photographic images. These were generated on site by a hand held GPS and are supplied only as an aid to visualisation. These links will open in a new window/tab when selected.

Coordinates (Latitude+Longitude & Northing+Easting) for Croydon Hills

Coordinates (Latitude+Longitude & Northing+Easting) for Croydon Town

Odalisk - Croydon Hills Existing and Proposed

Odalisk - Croydon Town Existing and Proposed

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