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Vanston Place - Fulham

Contract Requirement

Produce four verified views following standards outlined in the Verified Views Methodology document and supply a panoramic glazing reflection map.

Press Release

Fulham Island, the bright collage of new and existing buildings completed in 2001, has been credited with positively transforming perceptions of Fulham. The Tutti Frutti building on the square overlooking St John's Church and gardens has become a local landmark.

Now CZWG have planning permission for a sister building on the Vanston Place side of the square, replacing a derelict Bingo Hall with a residential led mixed use scheme. The T shaped building, for Crystal Partners, has a continuous façade to the street with a wing running back into the depth of the site with gardens either side. In deference to the neighbour's light and outlook this wing is on a split level - half a storey lower than the frontage. There are 42 apartments of which 21% have been classified as affordable, including family units with private outside spaces. All the flats are to have balconies or terraces.

The neighbouring buildings to the proposed location, (1-5 Vanston Place and the Jolly Maltster pub) have been constructed with very different styles and frontage alignments. The plan for the façade of the new building includes a double curve, so that it smoothly segues from one alignment to the other and meets its unequal neighbours seamlessly. The inward curve has also been designed to acknowledge the thrust of the liturgical north east end of the church. This swooping wave form of the façade is to be counterbalanced by glazing and balconies in two parallel lines in front and behind the wave. These glazing lines have also been included in an effort to define the set forward of the shop front and the set back of the penthouse storey to complete a balanced composition.

Delivered Images

The 4 images were combined with rendered images to create photomontages used as part of the supporting evidence for the successful planning permission submission.

Coordinates for Vanston Place Verified Views project.

The coordinates and links included here are not those supplied by the surveyor but are supplied before the surveyors information is available to aid in the understanding of the location of the photographic images. These were generated on site by a hand held GPS and are supplied only as an aid to visualisation. These links will open in a new window/tab when selected.

Coordinates (Latitude+Longitude & Northing+Easting) for Vanston Place

  • View 1, Coordinates (Lat+Long / N+E) 51.481084N -0.197820W = 525242 177332
  • View 2, Coordinates (Lat+Long / N+E) 51.481501N -0.199402W = 525131 177375
  • View 3, Coordinates (Lat+Long / N+E) 51.481298N -0.198947W = 525163 177354
  • View 4, Coordinates (Lat+Long / N+E) 51.481006N -0.198265W = 525211 177322
  • View 5, Coordinates (Lat+Long / N+E) 51.481368N -0.198551W = 525190 177362
  • Vanston Place - Existing and Proposed

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