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Chalice Well - Glastonbury


Produce a 360 panorama at Chalice Well next to Glastonbury Tor.

Location Description

Chalice Well is sometimes called the Red Spring as the water which flows at a rate of 25,000 gallons a day has a distinctly red colour caused by the ferrous oxide that is dissolved in the water. This is in contrast to the White Spring which flows nearby and is clear in colour. After flowing from the Lion's Head Spring the water passes down the seven bowls into the Vesica Pool.

Final Images

A full High Dynamic Range spherical panorama of Chalice Well.

Chalice Well Spherical Panorama.

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You can control the view using the on screen dialog and your mouse or use the following keys.

The wide-angle panorama below was created from the same core images that went into making up the spherical panorama. The spherical panorama was created by stitching together 155 photographs to create the images you see here.

Chalice Well

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