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Hampstead Heath Ponds Project

Contract Requirement

Produce twenty eight verified views following standards outlined in the Verified Views Methodology document and supply twenty eight 180 panoramic images.

Hampstead Ponds Project

After receiving advice from a government appointed panel engineer the City of London Corporation is planning works to ensure the dams on the two strings of ponds on Hampstead Heath do not fail during extreme rainfall.

The 30 ponds are mostly man-made and were created by damming the two streams that flow across the Heath, some of these dams are up to 300 years old.

Concerns were raised that if the ponds overtopped the existing dams they could erode the downstream side of the dam causing it to fail. This risk to life, property and infrastructure in North London (specifically Dartmouth Park, Gospel Oak and Kentish Town) needed to be minimised so that the dams are safe whilst also causing as little impact to the natural environment of the Heath.

As part of the planning application 28 verified views around the Heath were commissioned, these show the existing and proposed winter views before the trees are in full leaf. This is the worst case scenario showing the dams at their most visible.

The planning application supporting documents can be viewed (Here) and the existing and proposed views are contained in the Verified Views document (9.8Mb) at the bottom of the page.

Delivered Images

The Hampstead Heath Ponds Project shoot was split over 6 days, 28 locations in and around Hampstead Heath. Below is a selection of the images produced at the end of March.

Hampstead Heath Ponds Project Photographs

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