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Panoramic Landscape Page 8 - Mountains, Munros and Hills

A selection of panoramic images of more mountainous landscapes.

The Black Cuillin - Sligachan

The Black Cuillin dusted in snow viewed from the north near Sligachan with Loch Caol in the foreground. This is a stitched High Dynamic Range (HDR) panorama consisting of multiple images with different exposures. This image is approximately 140 by 40.

The Black Cuillin - Glen Brittle

Viewing the Cuillin from the north west from the head of Glen Brittle. This image is approximately 190 by 40.

The Black Cuillin - Glen Brittle Beach

After travelling down the length of the glen to the mouth of the Brittle river this is the view of the Cuillin from the south west. This is a stitched panorama that is approximately 270 by 40.

Loch Cill Chriosd - Skye

The view across Loch Cill Chriosd towards the hills beyond with the Cuillin in the distance. This stitched panorama is approximately 190 by 40.

The Cuillin - Torrin

Looking across Loch Slapin from just outside the village of Torrin towards the Cuillin. This stitched panorama is approximately 180 by 40.

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