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I offer a wide range of photographic and architectural services at affordable rates.

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Panoramic Landscape Page 3 - Heritage

A selection of wide-angle panoramas focussing on UK heritage from 4000 BC onwards.

Bolsover Castle - Derbyshire

Bolsover Castle was built in the early 17th century by the Cavendish family replacing a previous medieval castle built by the Peverel family. The castle is a Grade 1 Listed building and a scheduled ancient monument. The panorama is made up from multiple stitched images and covers 260 x 40.

Hadleigh Castle - Essex

Hadleigh Castle was constructed by Hubert de Burgh in 1215 and its ruined remains still overlooking the Thames estuary. This image is composed of multiple frames stitched together to produce this 225 by 40 panorama.

West Kennet Long Barrow - Wiltshire

A super wide-angle stitched panoramic view from outside of West Kennet Long barrow. To the right of the barrow Silbury hill can be seen with Avebury beyond in the mists. Built between 3500-4000 BC and originally used as a burial chamber it now forms part of the Avebury World Heritage Site.

The Cove Stones - Avebury

A wide-angle view of the Cove Stones at Avebury.

Bayleaf Farmstead - Weald and Downland Museum

A wide-angle view of the path towards Bayleaf Farmstead, one of the 50 historic buildings at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum.

Glen Shiel - The Highlands

A wide-angle stitched panoramic view looking South West from Glenfinnan overlooking Loch Shiel. The glen is where the Jacobite rising began in 1745 when Bonnie Prince Charlie raised his standard on the loch shores.

Dun Beag - Skye

A wide-angle stitched panoramic view looking from Dun Beag towards the Macleod's Tables. Dun Beag is an Iron Age broch or round stone tower that stands with a commanding view of the sea and local area.

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