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I offer a wide range of photographic and architectural services at affordable rates.

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Panoramic Landscape Page 1 - Agriculture #1

A selection of agriculturally themed stitched panoramic photographs taken in the English countryside.

The South Downs - West Sussex

A wide-angle stitched panoramic view of the rolling chalk downland of the South Downs near Arundel in West Sussex. Since 2011 this area of outstanding natural beauty has been a national park covering over 1600 square kilometres.

Aston Flamville - Leicestershire

Looking South from Aston Flamville towards Wigston Parva. This stitched panorama is roughly 225 x 40

Sutton Scarsdale Hall - Derbyshire

The view from the ruined Sutton Scarsdale Hall across the Derbyshire countryside. This wide angle stitched panorama is 285 x 40.

Bury - West Sussex

Overlooking the small village of Bury in West Sussex from the South Downs.

Leith Hill - Surrey

Looking towards the South Downs from the flank of Leith Hill near the small village of Forest Green.

Breamore Down - Hampshire

Located between Fordingbridge and Salisbury, Breamore Down provides panoramic views over Hampshire.

Newlands Corner - Surrey

Newlands Corner located near Guildford is part of the North Downs and rises to over 170 meters above sea level producing wonderful views of the surrounding countryside and the South Downs. This wide-angle stitched panorama was created as part of the spherical panorama data set.

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