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Panoramic Architecture Page 3 - Skylines

The following architectural skyline panoramas were created by stitching multiple images together.

These images can be used to create the reflections that would be visible in the glazed components of the model. This allows the model to accurately describe the environment that the building inhabits.

St. Paul`s Road - Bournemouth

The view of the developments along St. Paul's Road in Bournemouth from the ASDA car park. This view was created as part of a verified views project to check the visibility of a new development between the buildings.

London Skyline

The London Skyline from Southwark Bridge below was photographed as a stock image. This image covers roughly 150 degrees.

Tower Bridge

A view of Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the Gherkin shot as a stock image. This image covers roughly 150 degrees.

City Hall

A view of the City Hall and surroundings including Tower Bridge and the Tower of London shot as a stock image. This image covers roughly 250 degrees.

Chesterfield - Our Lady Church Steeple

From the steeple of Our Lady & All Saints Parish Church in Chesterfield looking North and West between the turrets. The Church is famous for its 14th century crooked spire which both twists and bends due to the lead cladding added to the wooden frame. The stitched panorama covers roughly 270 x 40.

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