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I offer a wide range of photographic and architectural services at affordable rates.

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Panoramic Architecture Page 2 - A day on the river

This gallery contains a selection of wide-angle views with a river theme.

Castleford Bridge - Yorkshire

The 130-metre long S-shaped footbridge designed by Architects McDowell+Benedetti as part of the regeneration of Castleford. The 4.8 million pound bridge was completed in 2008 and creates a safer and more pleasant river crossing that the Victorian road bridge located downstream.

Chelsea Suspension Bridge - London

The 1937 grade two listed suspension bridge between Battersea and Chelsea in West London. The view East includes the 272 foot high chimney for the Western Pumping Station, Grosvenor Railway Bridge, St George Wharf and Battersea Power Station.

Battersea Power Station - Grosvenor Railway Bridge

Looking East from Grosvenor Railway Bridge along the tree-lined embankment you can see Keybridge House in Lambeth, The Riverlight Development, the Loading Cranes and Battersea Power Station.

Battersea Power Station - Pimlico

Looking South from Pimlico towards Battersea Power station and Nine Elms.

Battersea Power Station Pavilion

The view East from Battersea Power Station river frontage. Looking down river you can see St George Wharf, Nine Elms, Riverlight development and the Battersea Power Station Pavilion.

Canary Wharf - London

Looking West from the O2 towards Canary Wharf.

Sunbury Weir - Sunbury on Thames

The view from opposite Sunbury Locks looking towards the weir. This stitched panorama is 225 x 40

Chiswick Bridge - Chiswick

The view from the North side of Chiswick Bridge towards the Stag Brewery. This stitched panorama is roughly 140 x 40.

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